Snow Foam – Mixing, application and tips

What is Snow Foam?

Snow Foam is a concentrated liquid product that you apply to your car before a regular maintenace wash, you apply Snow Foam beofre you make any contact with the vehicle. Snow Foam is often reffered as a pre-wash. There’s nothing too complicated about Snow Foam it’s a liquid you put on your car prior to contact with sponges and shampoo.

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What is Snow Foam Made of?

There are a lot of different snow foam products, from a lot of different companies which all contain different active ingredients or additives. They all contain cleaning agents which will break down dirt and a foaming agent which creates a foam that will hold the cleaning agent to the car so that the product is in contact with dirt for a longer period of time.

  • Strong and caustic Snow Foam give a “Deep cleaning” effect
  • Alkaline based Snow Foams which can easily strip any existing coatings or finishes.
  • Ph neutral Snow Foams are usually considered safe and will not remove any existing wax coats, there are more Ph neutral snow foam products available.

There are newer ranges of Snow Foams which contain fallout removers and others that have tar removers in small concentrations to help avoid contamination to your clear coat.

Why do you Snow Foam?

The more dirt you can remove from your car in a contactless manner is better, if there is grit on your car and you go straight in with a sponge, you can easily scratch your paintwork. It’s better to apply a liquid which lifts the dirt off your can and simply runs off, this is what Snow Foam does. However, there are limitations to how much dirt Snow Foam can remove. It can only dissolve dirt for the length of time that the Snow Foam is in contact with the vehicle. The aim of Snow Foam is to remove as much dirt as possible in a mild manner.

How do you Snow Foam?

  1. Firstly, you should pick a Snow Foam, there are a lot of Snow Foams available. Head over to our Snow Foam comparison page to help you select the Best Snow Foam.
  2. Always follow the manufacturers instructions, this may sound basic but it is very essential. they all have different dilution ratio, the product manufacturer will know the best dilution for the products to work most efficiently, however it is common that Snow Foam be mixed to a 10:1 water to concentrate ratio. Mixing to a 10:1 ratio is advised if there is no instructions from the manufacturer.
  3. Once you have mixed the liquid to the required concentration, put the liquid into the bottle that comes with the Snow Foam Lance fitted to your pressure washer. Once you have adjusted your Lance mixture and spread of the jet it’s time to apply the Snow Foam.
  4. Basically, spray the product all over your car then let it sit for a few minutes. The Snow Foam will begin to drip off after a few minutes.Make sure you apply the Snow Foam evenly from the top down getting coverage over the car.
  5. Use a Hogs hair brush to agitate the Snow Foam into hard to reach areas.
  6. Rinse your car off with a hose pipe, it is essential that you don’t blast the snow foam off your car with a pressure washer or let the snow foam dry. If the Snow Foam dries, you will have soapy marks on your car that will make cleaning the car harder.

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How Effective is Snow Foam?

In truth, it’s not noticeable. Snow Foam doesn’t remove all of the dirt in one pass. It’s easy to over rate what snow foam actually does. Snow Foam does remove dirt but more importantly Snow Foam begins breaking down dirt. When you do start to shampoo, the dirt has already began to break down so shampooing will be easier.

Pressure Washing will remove more dirt than Snow Foam. However Pressure Washing can be dangerous as it’s rather aggressive which can strip paint.

Things to remember when using Snow Foam

  • Pressure washing itself will remove more dirt.
  • Buy the best Snow Foam lance you can afford.
  • Mix your snow foam correctly, don’t fall into the trap of mixing it strong just to create lots of “Snow”. The product doesn’t work properly as it doesn’t run slowly, high concentrations will not run off.
  • Do not apply Snow Foam to hot panels or allow snow foam to dry.
  • Rinse Snow Foam off, do not Pressure wash it off. You’ll blast the dirt back into the car.
  • Apply Snow foam from the top of the car down and apply evenly covering the whole car.
  • Use a hogs hair brush to aggitate product into hard to get areas.
  • Leave the product on the car as long as possible.
  • Snow foam should never be used as a shampoo, it’s a pre-wash.


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