Simple Car-Cleaning Tips for Every Car Owner

car cleaning tips - clean wood trim

While driving your car is fun, cleaning it is not. But it does not mean that cleaning your car should be a very hard task. In fact, there are several car-cleaning tips which can make cleaning your vehicle a lot less of a hassle.

There are several things that could stick in your car which means you have to clean. The most annoying would be gum. It is known that a gum would stick to the windshield especially during hot days. While it may look like a challenge to get that thing off the glass, it only really takes a couple of ice cubes to take off most of that gum.

First, manually pry away much of the gum as much as you can. Then, rub some ice cubes on the smudge left. This would harden the gum which you could easily scrape away using a razor blade. For other problems with your windshields, like filming on the inside part, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Spilt coffee is also a main problem for some car owners. When spilled on vinyl upholstery, the problem is not so much troubling as the material does not absorb the liquid. Cloth upholstery on the other hand is not as immune. When working on spilled coffee on cloth upholstery, it is recommended that you use cold water and white dishwashing liquid. If the mixture is not enough to remove the stain, a mixture of white vinegar and water should do the trick.

Chocolate is also as hard to remove as coffee stain from cloth upholstery. This does not mean though that it is impossible. What you need to do is blot away the stain with cold water. This should make sure that the stain will not spread any further.

Instead of using a dishwashing soap, use a laundry detergent to remove the chocolate stain. Use gentle dubbing actions to prevent spreading the stain further. If the laundry detergent failed to remove the stain, it is necessary to resort to a solution composed of one teaspoon ammonia and one cup water. Wet a cloth with the solution and dab it on the stain. Then, use a clean cloth and dab the spot dry.

Wood inside the vehicle can also be damaged through time. Remember that it is just like wood furniture and water stains could take its toll on its appearance. There are several ways water can get into contact with the wood trimmings inside the vehicle. One of which is condensation inside the car.

If you noticed that the wooden trims are showing signs of water stains, prepare a mixture of baking soda and white toothpaste, the non-gel type. The two should be equal parts to get the most out of its cleaning ability. Use a clean cotton cloth and buff the spots with the water stains in a circular motion. Remember to not over buff the spots as you could end up with a non-uniform trim. Use another clean cloth to wipe away the mixture after buffing.