The perils of pressure washers and other people cleaning your car

Have you, like me always been paranoid about other people cleaning your car? here’s a story which happened today in fact about that..

Recently I took my car in for servicing, when I bought the car I paid up front for servicing so all I needed to do was make a quick phone call and drop the car off then be done with it. I was told by the friendly girl at the reception desk that the car would be cleaned for me as part of the service. The car was already clean when it went on so I let them do it knowing full well there wasn’t much that needed cleaning on the outside, however the interior I wasn’t going to say no to as it was in desperate need of hoovering.

When I picked the car up, it was raining and I couldn’t tell any difference at a glance to the outside, but the interior was lovely. So I drove home and parked the car up. Since then two weeks have past and I hadn’t used the car at all until today, I drove to work, parked in the works car park and went about my day. As usual I pop out for lunch to grab some sandwiches which is when I noticed this.


This is on my passenger side door near the bottom, prime place for other peoples doors to catch in car parks or stones to flick up then catch the door.

As you can see there was a previously a small ding, how it got there, I’ve no idea. But the only answer for the paint flaking away like that is a pressure washer catching that small ding and simply blowing away the paint exposing the primer. I know this wasn’t my doing as I learned the hard way the damage a pressure washer can do when I was 12 on my parents car (That’s a whole different story). The paint simply doesn’t come away from the vehicle by itself due to a ding whilst parked up and never moved for two weeks.

I’ve been on the phone to the servicing department of the company who serviced the car (Which I’m not going to name unless the door is painted free of charge) who have said they would contact me and arrange to have the door re-painted after I explained that the paint is flaking away due to a pressure washer. Currently, I keep getting told that the body shop are “busy” or “With a customer”. I’ve chased this twice and now I’m getting impatient.

Either way that section of door is going to need repainting, which I’m not liking the fact that I’ll have to contend with soft paint and clear coat on that section of the car which may not even match, for now, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are busy and will call me back, repair the damage for no cost and do a good job. Fingers crossed.

Will I ever let someone else clean my car again? I highly doubt it.. If I do, I will be going around the car afterwards scrutinizing everything.