The Magic Eraser trick (Melamine Sponge)

Have you ever heared of the magic eraser trick which you can do on your steering wheel? The magic eraser has to be one of the most underrated tricks on how to temporarily restore your steering wheels finish. Saying that, I can be done on any surface that frequently comes into contact with your hands.

The natural oils in your hands over time will rub off onto steering wheels, hand brakes, your gear shifter and just about anything else your hand will touch in the car. What will happen is the oils will sink into the leather finish, make them shiney and slippery. You’ll look at the parts of your car and think they need re-upholstering when in fact, they don’t. This is where the Flash Magic Eraser comes in.

Magic Eraser steering wheel

The “Magic Eraser” is made from a Melamine foam. The uses for Melamine sponge appear to be almost endless, from pipe insulation to sound proofing for music studios and fire proofing. What we are interested in are the cleaning properties of the Melamine sponge.

It’s an incredibly effective abrasive cleaner which works like a very fine sand paper. When moistened with water the foam is capable of removing otherwise “uncleanable” markings, grease and oils from many finishes. If the surface you are cleaning is not sufficiently hard, it may be scratched by the Magic Eraser.

Magic Eraser Melamine in water

What can the Magic Eraser do to a steering wheel?

After dipping your Magic Eraser into water you want to gently rub the shinyest areas of your steering wheel. You will notice that the sponge will very quickly turn a dark shade of grey where it has been in contact. It’s worth noting that you should regularly rinse the sponge during the cleaning process.

Don’t over work a leather finish! Remember, leather does contain oils to keep it looking and feeling healthy, so you don’t want to strip all of the oils out, you want to remove just enough so the finish looks as good as new. If you do remove too much, you can always re condition the leather with a leather conditioner.

It’s one of the most noticable things once it’s cleaned as you’ll instantly see the difference and more importantly you will feel the difference.

Take a look at the picture below to see before and after comparison on a steering wheel.

Magic Eraser before and after steering wheel


Also here is a closeup image of the before and after.