Keeping Your Car Clean During Winter Can Save You Costly Repairs

Rock Salt and Other Fine Knock, Knock Jokes!

car wash winter

OK I can foresee the spring time T-shirts saying, “I Survived Winter 2016” coming, but your car may not have been so lucky. That rock salt the city puts down to melt ice and snow ain’t just melting ice and snow. It’s wreaking havoc all over your car both inside and out.

Not to mention all the various particulates, once lily white snow covered and frozen, have now thawed out and soaked right into your car’s carpeting. This makes for a great bacterial breathing ground, vacuuming alone won’t remove. The combination of salt, sand, dirt, fecal matter, urine, varying vehicle fluids together make for a potent mixture which if not promptly washed off your vehicle can lead to premature rusting and damage to vital mechanical parts under your vehicle.

The best thing about living in a city is there are so many car wash service centers to go to, from fully automated to non-automated hand wash service centers. These centers can truly help to to maintain your car’s appearance and if done with regular buffing and Simonzing will add value to it when it comes time to sell or trade in.

In the winter your best choice is to choose the fully automated car wash service centers. Although some folks prefer the hand wash centers, because there is less chance of damage to the vehicle’s paint surface. There are several on the list that offer both hand and automated washing.

Fully automated car wash centers provide under carriage washing, wax applications in minutes, with the option for full auto detailing.

Even if you don’t want to clean the outside cause there’s still snow on the ground, a good inside detailing helps to keep the inside cabin smelling fresh and will help to eliminate bacteria

BMW e60 Winter Wash