Green Ways to Clean Your Car Inside and Out

Your Car Will Be in Showroom Shape

Green living has become a very positive trend that is sweeping our nation. It seems as if it has trickled over into every part of our lives. One way that we can reduce our carbon footprint is in the way that we care for our car. There are many green ways to clean your car. With a little bit of modification, you will notice that your car is in better condition than it has ever been and that is all while saving the earth!

green ways to clean your car - outside tap

1. Watch your water. You really should clean and wash your own car because of the control that you maintain over the process. You can attach nozzles onto your hose to reduce the amount of water wasted. If you find you community low on water, an excellent way to wash your car is to save your bath water and use it to wash the car, only using clean water to rinse it. Bath water will already contain a little mild soap, and you will get a workout in the meantime.

2. Products. You can easily get any grime off your car by dissolving half a box of baking soda into a bucket of water and applying it to your car. Leave on for one minute, wash, and rinse. This is a green way to remove bugs, and any other stuff that has become attached to your car. You can use regular club soda to remove any stains from your car interior. This is a great green way to clean your car. You can also use rubbing alcohol to shine up any chrome. Clean your windows with a green multipurpose cleaner such as Green Works made by Clorox. Not only does this include only natural cleansing agents, but since you only have to buy on bottle for multiple jobs, it cuts down on environmental waste.

3. Dry your car yourself. Wash your car on a hot day, and use any reusable microfiber cloths to dry your car. Avoiding the heater at a car wash saves energy. You will also get a better result, because your car will be truly dry.

4. If you have leather seats, linseed oil is a wonderful natural cleanser and protectant. You can also purchase an organic leather cleaner. Remember that organic wood polish can also be used to shine and protect your leather. You can also use olive oil, but be careful to fully rub it in. You do not want your seats to feel greasy.

5. To get rid of a foul smell, you can use baking soda as a carpet deodorizer. This works just as well as store bought carpet powder. You can also use organic dryer sheets to place under the seats of the car.

6. If you love the smell of organic aromatherapy oils, use them in the corners of your dash. Place a little dab here and there where you know the sun will warm the area. When the area warms, it will release the smell of the oils into the air. This can have a calming effect on everyone in the car. This is a much greener way to freshen your car. Traditional air fresheners can end up in a landfill.

7. Olive oil. You can use a few drops of olive oil to protect your interior. This will keep your dash, and other interior plastics supple. Be careful to use it sparingly just as your would spray protectant from the store.

With a few changes, you can find green ways to wash and clean your car. Multitask by washing the car on a dirty driveway that needs a spraying off anyway. Be careful what you use and let run off into your grass and pants.