Detailing Exhaust Tips

It’s the small things that make the big difference between a good looking clean car and a great looking one. The paint can look fantastic and the wheels can be clean but neglecting other areas such as the wheel wells, glass or the exhaust tips, then your clean car wont look great.

One of the most overlooked area is the exhaust tips. It can become a very messy job if they are neglected time after time. It’s a relatively simple and doesn’t require much time or effort to do it right.

Not only does it make a huge difference having the exhaust tips detailed, it also extends the lifetime of the exhaust tips, much like alloy wheels if neglected for too long they will corrode, pit and discolour. With regular maintenance those exhaust tips will stay shiny and make a bigger impact on how clean your car looks.

The exhaust tips should be done first on your car, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in quite some time. This is so you don’t get any over spray or residue from the exhaust tips onto your freshly cleaned paintwork.

Exhaust tips detailing

What’s required to detail exhaust tips

  • Powerful degreaser (Typically come in concentrate)
  • Squirt bottle (If your degreaser doesn’t come in one)
  • Detailing brush similar to one you would use on alloy wheels
  • 0000 Steel wool
  • Metal Polish of your choice
  • Microfibre cloth that’s kept for messy jobs

To get started cleaning your exhaust tip you should first dilute your degreaser as recommended by the manufacturer, typically 5:1 ratio and fill your squirt bottle. Spray on the diluted degreaser and allow for the product to lift the worst of the grime. Using your detailing brush work the degreaser to scrub the outside of the exhaust tips clean.

Using the 0000 steel wool (Very fine grain) clean the insides of the exhaust tips, this can get very messy so rubber or latex gloves may be required.

After doing the above steps, this is usually where you would clean the rest of your car, once you’ve done that and the car has been dried you can now resume cleaning the exhaust tips.

At this stage you would most likely be thinking that the exhaust tips are clean enough and don’t require any more attention. But remember what was said above about a good looking clean car and a great one?

Next you should get your metal polish of choice and the 0000 steel wool and scrub the inside of the tips. Then repeat this process with the microfibre cloth on the outside of the exhaust tips. Once you are satisfied with the level of polishing, remove any residual metal polish with a microfibre cloth.

You’re exhaust tips will now look as good as new, it’s the smaller things that make the greatest differences.