Cleaning Exterior Glass

Your exterior glass is exposed to many elements as you drive and even when you are parked. Caring for your exterior glass is similar to caring for you paintwork, but what you need to remember is that glass is much harder. You will need to thoroughly clean it and protected it. To clean glass you can wash, clay and even polish it. By protecting exterior glass afterwards means any future maintenance will be much easier and will improve your visibility in adverse weather conditions.

What’s required to clean exterior glass?

  • Microfibre cloth
  • White Vinegar
  • Glass cleaner of your choice
  • Glass sealant/protector of your choice

If your exterior glass only needs basic cleaning you can wash it as you would the rest of your car, but with a few after steps your exterior glass can be protected and even repel water.

If your glass has faint water marks that regular washing alone wont remove, you can use white vinegar and a microfibre cloth. There are specific glass cleaning products available which are designed to remove grease and mineral deposits, sap, road grime and even light etchings in the glass. Even if you think your glass is clean using one of these specific glass cleaning products will make your exterior glass look noticeably cleaner.

Once you are satisfied that your exterior glass is clean and clear you should consider sealing it. This will help moisture form beads that can roll off the glass with ease, even blow off when you are driving. Any glass sealant should be applied thinly then buffed out with a clean microfibre towel.