Cleaning Plastic trim

Almost all cars have plastic trims that if it isn’t treated can start to fade or build up deposits of wax/polish and can really ruin the image of your car. This isn’t something you’ll need to do on a regular basis, however I personally tend to do this each time I wax my car. It is an extremely easy process to clean this trim, however we’ll just cover it briefly and explain how to get stubborn marks out of it.

(Note: You can also do this if you have a build up of polish or wax on the trim already (as I did) but it may take a few applications to remove any marks.)

What’s required to clean plastic trim

  • Applicator Pad/Microfiber cloth
  • Trim cleaner of your choice
  • Soft brush (Optional)
  • Detailing masking tape (Optional however recommended)

Cleaning the trim

You can do this either before or after cleaning your car, however something worth noting is if you do it prior to any waxing/polishing it will be worth masking any trim off as excess wax and polish can be particularly difficult to get off. If you do it after your wax/polish, either mask off where it joins the bodywork or take extra care as a lot of products will leave some form of mark.

Soak the car for a few minutes, ensuring plenty of water covers any trim you intend to clean, this will soak into any build up and loosen it slightly. Give it a wipe over with a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt (if you have a brush, use that for anything the cloth doesn’t remove). Apply the trim cleaner to any plastic surfaces with a microfiber cloth, only a light coating should be needed if you’re just maintaining the look of the plastic and leave sit for a few minutes. If however you do have marks, especially from wax/polish I’d recommend using a detailing brush or any soft brush to go over it after applying the cleaner and letting it sit for a few moments, just to get into any grooves and clear up the excess, then wipe any excess off using a microfiber cloth.